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Premiere: Jennifur ‘I Care For You’

Belgium’s Jennifur debuts on Sweet Sun with an LP of lustrous, fragmented electronica with live instrumentation

Photo of Jennifur looking sideways in a blue lit room

Jennifur will drop his latest LP, ‘Things Don’t Change Until They Do’, this Friday. Have an exclusive first listen to ‘I Care For You’ below.

The Belgian artist resurfaces for the first time since producing the soundtrack for Xbox/PS5 snowboarding game, Shredders, with a ten-track LP of lustrous, fragmented electronica with live instrumentation. Taking melodic cues from the likes of Four Tet and Mount Kimbie, but with the added noise of bands like Sonic Youth, Jennifur has crafted a project that vehemently resists classification and feels all the more affecting for it.

“I incorporated a lot more acoustic sounding sounds like guitars & basses and acoustic drums so the feel of the album could be translated much easier in a live constellation,” Jennifur shared on the album. “Because of that I had a bigger freedom of creating. Everything could change faster. The build ups are faster, the rhythm section changes more and the melodies are less repetitive.”

Opener ‘A Meeting Around August’ flaunts the full spectrum of these influences, with polyphonic patterns and dense, blooming percussion that chime to create numinous soundscapes. Meanwhile, cuts like ‘Teenage Energy’ and ‘Impression Left Behind’ float further into ambient terrain, with cooing keyboards and laminous textures, while the shuffling breakbeat rhythms of ‘I Don’t Break Even Though I Want To’ teeter eagerly into dancefloor territory.

In between the cathartic breakdowns of ‘I Care For You’, there’s even a piano interlude (‘Wietse’s Teenage Energy’) performed by Jennifur’s close friend, Wietse de Cooman, that cements the LP as truly “the ultimate break-up and make-up album.”

‘Things Don’t Change Until They Do’ is out this Friday (27th October). Pre-save the album here, and listen exclusively to ‘I Care For You’ below.