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Olivia Stock
13 December 2023, 17:33

Premiere: Kancho Club ‘When I Feel’

World music influences meet deep house grooves on the third single from Newcastle-based duo Kancho Club, out via their own Mambo Divino imprint

Photo of Kancho Club posing in front of a brick wall
Ivy Charlotte Emerson

Kancho Club will release their final single of 2023, ‘When I Feel’, on Friday. Have an exclusive first listen below.

The track – out 15th December – arrives on the heels of the Newcastle-based duo’s debut single, ‘Say It Baby’, released in April, and the Frankie Jobling-sampling follow-up, ‘Drown’. While staying true Kancho Club’s trademark bubbly house and techno meets world music mantra, it channels the deeper influences the duo have honed on dancefloors across the North East in recent months, with cavernous subby pulses, bubbling synthwork, and live Afro-inspired percussion.

Speaking on the single, the pair shared: “‘When I Feel’ is a more main room sound than our previous releases, we’ve been playing a lot of tracks from Saved records and Abracadbra in our live shows and we love how well their releases complement our instrumental playing, so this is something we kept in mind whilst creating this track.”

‘When I Feel’ arrives via Kancho Club’s own party series turned label, Mambo Divino, birthed from the duo’s mutual love for Afrocentric/Latin-based house music and club culture. Check out Kancho Club’s 360° Afro/Latin House mix record earlier this year, featuring live sax and percussion, here.

‘When I Feel’ is out tomorrow (15th December). Pre-save the single here, and have an exclusive first listen below.