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Premiere: Nahash ‘Davide XV feat. Elise Massoni (Tim Reaper Remix)’

Nahash balances heavyweight experimentalism with club-tuned dexterity on his new EP for SVBKVLT

Premiere: Nahash ‘Davide XV feat. Elise Massoni (Tim Reaper Remix)’

Nahash returns to SVBKVLT this month with the ‘A Snake In Your House’ EP. Listen to Tim Reaper’s remix of ‘Davide XV feat. Elise Massoni’ below. 

Following his blistering, politically-charged 2020 album, ‘Flowers Of The Revolution’, for the UK-via-Shanghai label, and his ‘Tides’ EP for POLAAR, the producer delivers four tracks that balance his taste for heavyweight experimentalism with club-tuned dexterity. From the dizzying industrial dembow thrust of the opening title track and the glitchy, sub-crushing junglism ‘Illuminato’ to the pitch-dark dancehall and breaks of the collaborative tracks with Elise Massoni and JAW, it’s another knockout from a unique voice in the global scene. 

The release comes paired with two remixes, from Tim Reaper and Brodinski respectively, who each bring their own speaker-shaking takes on Nahash’s tracks to the fore. Reaper puts a junglist spin on ‘Davide XV feat. Elise Massoni’ – razor sharp, red hot, typically fucking massive. 

‘A Snake In Your House’ will be released on 21st June. Pre-order it here

Nahash will play live at the White Hotel in Manchester tomorrow (16th June) alongside 33EMYBW (live), Gooooose (live), Nahi Mitti and Howell as part of a SVBKVLT shocase. Get your tickets here