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Eoin Murray
18 June 2024, 10:31

Premiere: Seimei ‘Tokyo Funky Breaks’

The TREKKIE TRAX co-founder serves up an ace-up-the-sleeve suite of pumping techno, electro and crunchy Florida-style breaks for Sorry Records

Seimei stands in the middle of a Tokyo street wearing a navy football jersey

Tokyo DJ and producer Seimei will release a new EP via NYC’s Sorry Records this month. Listen to the title track, ‘Tokyo Funky Breaks’, below.

The co-founder of TREKKIE TRAX, one of Japan’s most prolific underground club labels, delivers six dancefloor scorchers for Sorry’s second non-US artist release. Swerving between pumping techno, crunchy Florida-style breaks and mischievous electro fuckery that will delight fans of Nikki Nair and Mani Festo, it’s a versatile, ace-up-the-sleeve suite for DJs’ record bags. Remixes come courtesy of Seimei’s brother Carpainter and JIALING, who bolster the EP’s rowdy drums, rib-beating bass, vinyl scratches and robotic vocal snippets with additional dancefloor heft. Put simply, it’s all killer, no filler.

The release is Sorry Records’ second of 2024, following Pump Media Unlimited’s five-track rave dazzler ‘CHESSY!’ from April. 

‘Tokyo Funky Breaks’ will be released on 26th June. You’ll be able to grab it from Sorry’s Bandcamp.