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Premiere: Tano ‘Blend Of Poetry’

Brooklyn’s Tano channels the psychedelic rave energy of Freerotation into his new EP for Redstone Press

Black and white photo of Tano smiling

Tano will release a new EP, ‘10-11’, via Glasgow’s Redstone Press this month. Listen to ‘Blend Of Poetry’ below. 

The Brooklyn-based producer follows up a string of self-released stormers with two full-bodied drum workouts influenced by the heady vibe of Room 2 at the Welsh electronic music festival Freerotation. Speaker-shaking sub bass, echoing vocal samples and reverb-drenched melodies and FX conjure pure rave psychedelia. This is headrush material, designed to shift spiritual gears on the dancefloor.

Jordanian producer Toumba, whose hit-streak this year has been undeniable, steps in for a remix of the title track, reconfiguring the original with Levantine rhythms. Bristol’s Delay Grounds adds a splash of ecstatic colour  to ‘Blend of Poetry’, poured straight from the vial of early ‘90s trance.

‘10-11’ will be released on 1st September. Pre-order it here