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Premiere: Van Boom ‘Kafir’

Kuwait’s Van Boom debuts on Varg2TM's Cease 2 Exist label with eight tracks that push hard dance and industrial rhythms to their dynamic limits

Premiere: Van Boom ‘Kafir’

Van Boom will release his debut LP, 'Prosthetics', via Varg2TM's Cease 2 Exist label in December. Listen to ‘Kafir’ below.

The Kuwait producer follows two previous EPs that twisted industrial and hard dance brutality into deconstructed, "post club" forms with his most ambitious release to date. The eight tracks on ‘Prosthetics’ push the raw energy and experimentation of his previous work to its limit, at points charging forward with ravenous dancefloor adrenaline, at others lurching with distorted snarls and metallic shrieks. 

According to the album’s press text, Van Boom’s music is in part a response to restrictions and limitations placed on self-expression and artistic activity in his home region – “Despairing grievances demand abrasive sonics”, it reads. 

After the album’s release on 9th December, a suite of remixes will land in January, featuring reworks by VTSS, Slikback, Deena Abdelwahed, Sorcery, Estoc, E-Saggila, Endgame and Whiterose, who also co-produces two tracks on the album itself, ‘XXX’ and ‘Agora’.

‘Kafir’ is the album’s penultimate track. A frenzied rush of drums that whirls and rattles against a harsh, distorted synth lead. In an album full of maximal climaxes, the imprint this track scorches into your brain is the hardest to shake. Not that you'll want to.

'Prosthetics’ will be available through Cease 2 Exist’s Bandcamp