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Fashion | Brand Focus: A Better Feeling

DJ Mag catches up with Egyptian artist Xander Ghost about A Better Feeling, his London-based label creating futuristic eyewear that’s designed with musicians in mind

IN 2018, DJ, producer and creative Xander Ghost wanted to throw four annual parties across the globe, all in unique locations, and each emblazoned with his positive brand name: A Better Feeling.

Three years later, A Better Feeling is now the name of Xander’s London-based, product-focused company, with a line of non-conforming, cyber-retro sunglasses at the forefront of the brand. The eyewear isn’t a random choice for Xander — it’s designed specifically with musicians in mind, and goes back to those dancefloors in 2018. “I DJ’d at the first event in the series,” the Cairo-born artist tells DJ Mag, “and my eyes hurt from the lights. It inspired the first design, 1EIGHTY, which is a four-lens pair of sunglasses that completely surrounds your peripheral vision.”

Since the 1EIGHTY, ABF has evolved into a range of ultra-slick accessories, favoured by stylists and celebrities, while remaining practical and affordable. Featured in Forbes’ 2020 list of International Designers You Need To Know, ABF has been worn by the likes of Burna Boy, Billie Eilish, Kaytranada, Megan Thee Stallion, and even Stevie Wonder. The brand also supported the NHS in the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic too, producing and donating 500 pairs of clear medical goggles.

ABF's signature eyewear pieces are minimal and clean cut, with razor-sharp lines and space-age flourishes pushing the glasses into the realms of couture design. Xander’s inspiration and ideas, though, are found closer to home, when he's surrounded by those who share his vision. “Matcha tea, a desk, and my team,” he says, stressing the importance of comfort. “Having a comfortable setup is one of the main aspects of getting me in the correct zone to be able to be focused enough to articulate and realise ideas.”


Reflecting on the success of ABF, and the dramatic evolution from one design to a range which now includes pieces like the GSANDO, the AMPERE, and the ROSCOS, Xander shares that the brand is also in the first stages of developing new products. Moving into hollowware and fragrance in 2021, ABF recently launched a candle: the GINKGO. Encased in a solid, aluminium twopart casing, the candle was developed at the brand’s atelier in France, with notes of juniper, jasmine, rosehip, long grass, white amber, and fresh moss. The product is just as striking as ABF’s eyewear, and Xander affirms it’s a conscious decision: “We wanted to really elevate the idea of a candle and make it more of a functional art piece.”

As A Better Feeling continues to expand — with pop-ups planned in department stores, hollowware, and plans to develop the fragrance line further — the brand is also getting ready to share optical eyewear. “We just want to grow the company,” Xander says, “and offer our take on traditional items from different sectors.”

Shop ABF at Prices start at £111.00.

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Amy Fielding is DJ Mag's digital staff writer and fashion editor. You can follow her on Twitter here @amebbbb