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Premiere: Christoph de Babalon ‘Shivers and Shakes’

Veteran purveyor of spectral, cavernous breakcore Christoph de Babalon steps up on A L T E R with ‘Hectic Shakes’. Hear the eerie clatter of ‘Shivers and Shakes’ now…

Christoph de Babalon press photo Nov 2018 premiere DJ Mag
Christoph de Babalon press photo Nov 2018 premiere DJ Mag

Since the reissue of his 1997 cult LP ‘If You're Into It, I'm Out of It’ in January 2018, Hamburg’s Christoph de Babalon has been enjoying a long deserved critical resurgence.

Known for his engulfing fusions of dark ambient, drone, breakcore and jungle on labels like Digital Hardcore Recordings, de Babalon’s steady stream of releases over the past two decades has long been celebrated in underground spheres. In November this year, a collection of previously unreleased tracks from between 1993 and 1998 was released under the title ‘Exquisite Angst’ via A Colourful Storm. 

And it’s looking as though his resurgence will continue into 2019 with the release of his new ‘Hectic Shakes’ EP on London experimental label A L T E R.

The EP, set for release on 18th January 2019, is aptly described as “a meditation on the ‘inner abyss’, the sort of abyss that lulls the listener into his sound world with next to no resistance”. The producer’s trademark spectre looms over the tracks on this release,  from the muffled and dense noise and beat pattern on ‘Endless Inside’ to the enthralling and shadowy jungle of ‘Harakiri’.

‘Shivers and Shakes’ is clattering and cold, with eerie atmospheres coursing through the percussive and metallic cracks. Check it out below.

Pre-order 'Hectic Shakes' here.