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Premiere: Creep Woland ‘0800-Falkirk Triangle’

Glasgow’s Creep Woland returns to Astral Black with the ‘Chamberlain’ EP. Hear the intergalactic d&b cut ‘0800-Falkirk Triangle’ now

Glasgow’s Creep Woland will release his new EP, ‘Chamberlain’, via Astral Black on 8th May.

Following an appearance on the label’s recent ‘Frass FM 5’ compilation, and his ‘Close Reading’ album in 2017, Woland’s latest four-tracker was written during a time “personal hardship and mastery of oneself” and is tailor-made for “existential club experiences or the driving of sports vehicles”. Full of foggy atmospheres and dusty d&b grooves, it’s an introspective listen that still brims with nimble energy and packs plenty of punch when it wants to. 

 ‘0800-Falkirk Triangle’ is lush and transportive, with an expansive atmosphere and a shimmering, warp-speed rhythm. Check it out below. 

Pre-order 'Chamberlain' here.