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Premiere: Iñigo Vontier 'Xu Xu (Feat. Xen) (Roman Flügel Remix)'

Lumière Noire, the label run by French DJ Chloé, returns with a new EP from Iñigo Vontier, featuring a remix by Roman Flügel

Stepping up next on Chloé's Lumière Noire label is Mexican producer Iñigo Vontier who returns to the label for the first time since the release of his 'Aluxes' 12" in September 2017.

Made up of two brand new tracks, 'Xu Xu' (which features vocalist and Red Axes-affiliate Xen) and 'Chiquitita On Acid', the record sees Vontier tapping into the kind of chugging, low-slung groove you might expect to hear from labels like Cómeme. 

In addition to the two tracks, the EP also takes in an alternate version of 'Xu Xu' by Vontier himself and a remix by Roman Flügel, the latter of which you can hear below. 

The remix sees Flügel retaining the slower tempo of the original track, pairing Xen's delicate vocals with typically shimmering pads and minimalist synths. 

Lumière Noire will release 'Xu Xu' on October 11th. You can pre-order it here.