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Premiere: Michal Turtle ‘El Teb (Mehmet Aslan Remix)’

A new compilation sees artists – including object blue, Laurel halo and Jimmy Edgar – reinterpreting the experimental music of Michael Turtle. Hear Mehmet Aslan’s percussive rework of ‘El Teb’ now

A new compilation on Swiss label Planisphere Editorial will see 13 artists reinterpret the work of experimental composer Michal Turtle. 

Set for release on 23rd October, the compilation features remixes from artists including Laurel Halo (as LH), object blue, Jimmy Edgar, Mehmet Aslan, Lucrecia Dalt and Félicia Atkinson. 

Turtle was born in Croydon in 1960, and later relocated to Switzerland, where he has lived and worked for decades since. Known for his genre-defying sound, which playfully weaves elements of pop, new age, ambient, advertising jingles and exotica, Turtle’s music has become something of a cult phenomenon in recent years. Collections of his unreleased work Dutch label Music From Memory have only furthered that, and in 2020 he returned with a new 12” ‘On a Canvas Lived a Baby’, also released on Planisphere. 

The new compilation features reworks of tracks from throughout Turtle’s career, with each artist bringing the same sense of experimentation and genre-defiance that has defined his work. You can hear Swiss-born, Turkish artist Mehmet Aslan’s percussive rework of ‘El Teb’ below. 

‘Michal Turtle Reinterpreted’ will be out on 23rd October. Pre-order it here.  

Photo credit: Julia Boos