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Premiere: Nene H ‘Enter Your House’

Nene H readies the second release on SPFDJ’s Intrepid Skin label. Hear the intoxicating and propulsive ‘Enter Your House Now’...

Next up on SPFDJ’s Intrepid Skin label is Turkish-born, Berlin-based DJ/producer Nene H. Set for release on 30th May, ‘Feast’ is another four-track outing of dizzying, urgent techno tailor-made for the dark depths of the rave.

‘Feast’ follows VTSS’ ‘Self Will’ EP – which we deemed equally ensnaring – and finds Nene H creating hypnotic atmospheres with a minimal outlook. ‘Let Someone Like Me’, for instance, sets itself apart with its acerbic techno backbone being lifted by a Middle Eastern melodic sample, altered to sound haunting and distant.

Closing the EP is ‘Enter Your House’, a disorienting and incendiary cut of propulsive kicks, searing perc arps and a frosty melodic hook that feels destined for strobe-led dancefloor catharsis. You can hear it below. 

Also just look at the cat on the EP cover!

You'll be able to buy 'Feast' through Intrepid Skin's Bandcamp

Lead photo credit: Katja Ruge