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Premiere: Privacy Policy ‘Recent Activity’

Next up on Dublin’s Goldbrick Records is new duo Privacy Policy with the ‘XKeyscore’ EP. Hear the crisp and bouncy ‘Recent Activity’ now…

Dublin label Goldbrick Records returns with its first release since Ringolevio’s ‘Vandalise The Donut Shops’ in September last year. Privacy Policy’s debut EP, ‘XKeyscore’, lands on 10th July. 

Recorded between two studios – one in Dublin, one in Sligo – the EP is a five-track selection of breezy house music with just enough grit to still pack a punch when needed. In keeping with the Dublin electronic scene’s penchant for bouncy grooves that never stray too far from emotional melodic atmospheres, these tracks are sharp and colourful. Like peers R.Kitt, TR One, Fio Fa and Melly, Privacy Policy’s music calls to mind images of sunsets seen from O’Connell bridge, misty coastal towns and cans on canals. 

Chief among these tracks is ‘Recent Activity’, with its crisp basslines and gossamer pads making for a dreamy summertime cut. Check it out below. 

Buy 'XKeyscore' via Goldbrick Records' Bandcamp