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Premiere: R.Kitt ‘Cycles (Excerpt)’

R.Kitt composes a breathtaking long-form ambient piece for Shock World Service podcast series. Hear an exclusive five-minute excerpt now...

Breakthrough Irish producer and live act R.Kitt will be the next artist to feature in the Shock World Service podcast series.

The label, mix platform and occasional party was launched back in 2007 by London-based DJ Jon Averill with the intention of highlighting and sharing music that looked away from the dancefloor and more toward the abstract, experimental and ambient reaches of its DJs’ tastes.

Since, the podcast has gone on to host mixes by the likes of Mano Le Tough, DJ Mag Recognise contributors Elena Colombi, Fresh Kicks selector ELLLL, Beats In Space’s Tim Sweeney, and many more. On Monday 4th February, R.Kitt – an artist we flagged up last year in our Irish acts to check out feature – will debut as part of the series and, for the occasion, has delivered something very special indeed.

Instead of picking a selection of tracks and clips for the mix, the producer – who has released on Pear and Goldbrick Records – has produced a 34-minute ambient piece comprised of field recordings, transportive atmospheres and bright melodies. Distinct as the piece is from Kitt’s regular dancefloor-focused output, the same sonic vibrancy and colour that has placed him at the helm of the country’s scene is very present here. Nowhere is that more present than in the excerpt we have premiering below.

"Towards the end of last Summer, and the beginning of Autumn, I was spending a lot of my time writing in my studio specifically for my live sets,” says Kitt of the release. “I like to constantly write new material for my live show, so I had been writing nothing but music directed for the dancefloor, and I could feel myself tiring. There is an inherent cyclic nature to the creative process, so this was nothing new. The inspiration comes and goes like the tide and it can too often feel like you have no control over it. It was around this time that Jon asked me to contribute something to the Shock World Service series.

“I decided to create a mix of my own material, utterly distinct from the stuff I had been writing all year. This involved compiling some material which is due for release later this year as well and composing a bunch of original ambient pieces and soundscapes specifically for the mix. The whole thing was a bit of a nod to those cycles that you go through, not just with creativity but with mood and feeling, in life. After a bit of experimenting, I found the mix worked just as cohesively and coherently when played in reverse. This also felt very linked to the cyclic emotional theme that runs through the mix."

Kitt is also actively involved in Ireland’s Give Us The Night initiative with Sunil Sharpe and others. The volunteer-led group have been campaigning tirelessly in recent years for positive changes to nightlife in Ireland, with particular regard to music venues and licencing.

You’ll be able to listen to the podcast in full from Monday either via iTunes, Soundcloud or your Android podcast app. You’ll also be able to grab a limited edition cassette release from Bandcamp.