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Premiere: Tristan Arp ‘Specie’

Tristan Arp steps up on his own Human Pitch with a typically off-kilter burst of lucid club music. Hear the buoyant, drum-laced title cut now...

Tristan Arp is back! Rejoice!

The New York-based producer and sound designer returns to his own Human Pitch this month with the release of ‘Specie’, yet another serving of urgent and experimental club sounds.

Following last year’s superb ‘Plexi’, an EP we described as being “deranged, playful and funky”, the two tracks on ‘Specie’ find Arp on more percussive form while still utilising an inventive take on found-sounds and ASMR to create music that is as intoxicating as it is dancefloor-ready.

"Instinctive and uninhibited, 'Specie' embodies the id in sonic form," the EP's press release reads. "A playful commentary in the abstract, Tristan Arp’s latest project aims to sonify human tendencies from the intuitive to the peculiar. Surely humans are the strangest species of them all."

The title track, the clubbier of the two, is a syncopated gem that will more than satisfy hard drum dedicants, while boasting an off-kilter buoyancy to keep the headphone listeners on their toes. Check it out below.

You’ll be able to buy ‘Specie’ through Human Pitch’s Bandcamp.