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54 vintage rave posters that capture the magic of the ’90s

Take a trip down memory lane...

Raving in the '90s wasn’t like it is today, rave culture grew out of a lack of opportunities for young people and a general disenfranchisement with the political establishment in a similar fashion to the punk movement.

In the '90s, electronic music and club culture was still very much the preserve of the underground and out of the hands of corporate greed — which is not something we can say about today's clubbing enviroment, which is used as a vehicle to sell brands.

This now-lost independent spirit can still be seen when looking back at old rave posters from the '90s which are a world away from the corporate minimalism on show today.

Dancing Astronaut recently compiled 54 iconic rave posters from the 90s which captures the scene’s DIY, free-thinking spirit, and range from dystopian-inspired futurism to art deco-inspired posters, and everything inbetween.

Check out some of our favourites below.

Via Dancing Astronaut