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Ableton Live 10 Enters Public Beta

The new version of the popular software is now available to test…

Ableton Live 10 has entered the public beta phase. The next version of the popular music production, sound design and performance software can be downloaded by users of Live 9 and Live 9 Suite through the bug-tracking Centrecode service. Any bugs or problems will auotmatically be sent to Ableton as and when you encounter them, though anything ultra-specific such as third-party plugin clashes may need to have some written notes alongside the report.

It's not yet clear how long the public beta period will last for, but it's essentially a functioning version of Live 10 – albeit not entirely stable - so if you've been keen to try out the new features, now is a good time. Plus, you'll be doing your public duty by helping Ableton deliver a full release candidate faster. 

For a full run down on what's new in Live 10, check Point Blank's recent video Making a Track in Ableton Live 10