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Abra Cadabra lands first acting role in feature-length film, Trapping

The film explores the problem of county lines drug-dealing in the UK

Abra Cadabra lands first acting role in feature-length film, Trapping

UK drill star Abra Cadabra has been cast in his first acting role in new feature-length film, Trapping.

The new film, which explores county lines and out of town drug-dealing in the UK, is a new collaboration between Kidulthood actor Femi Oyeniran, So Solid Crew's Nicky "Slimting" Walker, and social activist filmmaker Penny Woolcock.

The film was shot between areas in London and Margate, and aims to present a honest representation of county lines subculture in contrast to other depictions of it which lean towards glorification. It will also be accompanied by an EP soundtrack featuring original tracks from Abra Cadabra and a cast of other artists yet to be announced.

Speaking about Trapping, Abra Cadabra said: "The movie speaks for itself, it's got a message behind it. It's an insight into what you could be getting yourself into trying to go down that road. If it's not your portion, don't go for it brother. It shouldn't be for anyone."

Oyeniran and Walker will release Trapping through their recently launched independent film content platform, The Drop, with support from the British Film Institute. It will be available to watch there from 15th September, while you can preview the film now via a trailer below.

Abra Cadabra is among the artists discussed in a recent DJ Mag feature by Will Pritchard, which explores the impact being felt by artists in the UK drill and rap scene as a result of ongoing video takedowns by the Met. Read it here.

Abra Cadabra's album, 'Product Of My Environment', was named one of DJ Mag's favourites in 2021.