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ADAM Audio introduce new monitors for under £400

The high-end speaker company’s new range is aimed at tighter budgets…

ADAM Audio has announced two new monitors as part of their T Series – namely the T7V and T5V. The two new speakers are aimed at those with smaller budgets, coming in at €199 and €239 respectively for a single speaker. The speakers are a chance for a wider range of producers to get their hands on what are usually quite high-end monitors from ADAM and, as you may have guessed from the name, are 5-inches and 7-inches in size.

Even at this price, ADAM have included their renowned DSP for tailoring the sound to your space and both models use the U-ART ribbon driver ADAM have become known for. Their both listed as ‘coming soon’ on ADAM’s website. Other cheaper monitoring options include Pioneer DJ’s DM-40BTs but if you’ve got money to burn, Master & Dynamic’s epic MA770 is a sight to behold – and sounds pretty good too.