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Pioneer DJ announce new Bluetooth speakers

The wireless monitors include new high-quality aptX technology...

Pioneer DJ have introduced the DM-40BT – a new pair of wireless speakers for DJing and producing. The 4-inch cones can be connected to from any Bluetooth-compatible device or via the phono / mini-jack inputs round back. The cone and tweeter use Pioneer DJ’s Groove Technology to avoid frequency smearing and DECO convex diffusers allow the higher frequencies to spread, delivering a wider sweet spot.

Bluetooth audio is notorious for reducing sound quality but the more modern aptX codecs offer both low-latency and higher quality and is implementing in the 40BTs. At only €199 a pair, it’s a great option for home listening, DJ practice or beginner studios. Still starting out as a producer? Try SoundGym’s Eat Training online game, or if you’re looking for a wireless alternative, Apple’s new HomePod is a high-end consumer sure-fire bet.