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Adidas beer and sick proof shoes - ultimate rave accessory?

Go ahead and grab another pint...

Adidas has launched a vomit and beer resistant version of its München sneaker ahead of Oktoberfest. A special DPBR coating will keep stains from penetrating the leather sneaker and laces.

While designed for beer halls and public houses, they even arrive with a checkered lining to imitate the festival’s tablecloths, the sneakers are also fitting for that next underground techno party or multi-day festival rager.  

To further the connection to Oktoberfest, the sneakers are also adorned with the word “PROST” (German for “Cheers”) and embroidery modeled after Lederhosen pants.

Watch the teaser video below. The shoes can be ordered here.

Earlier in 2017, Adidas partnered with Roland on a TR-808 inspired sneaker.