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Afrojack assists Hardwell after plane trouble, they collab mid-flight

When the opportunity arises...

Afrojack recently aided fellow Dutchman Hardwell when the latter DJ/producer’s private jet experienced mechanical issues over the Adriatic Sea. The chance occurrence led to a quick mid-flight collaboration between the producers.  

According to reports, Hardwell’s exit flight from Ultra Europe to the Netherlands was diverted back to Croatia due to issues with the plane’s flaps. Upon safe arrival in Split, Hardwell met up with the still-grounded Afrojack. From there, the duo headed to Crete for Afrojack’s headlining performance at Hersonissos. Hardwell would go onto perform back-to-back with Afrojack that evening.

As reported by Afrojack’s manager Ludvie Mailuhi, to, the two found time to collaborate during the short flight: “What exactly they produced together, we don’t know... But people can expect that they may release something together.”

Check Afrojack’s Instagram post below which further corroborates the collaboration rumors.