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April Clare Welsh
27 July 2023, 14:31

Aho Ssan announces new album, ‘Rhizomes’, via Nicolás Jaar’s Other People label

Nicolás Jaar, Moor Mother, Angel Bat Dawid, clipping., Blackhaine are all featured as collaborators

Aho Ssan announces new album, ‘Rhizomes’, via Nicolás Jaar’s Other People label
Credit: Marvin Jouglineu

Aho Ssan has announced a new album, ‘Rhizomes’, which will be released via Nicolás Jaar’s Other People label.

The Paris-based composer born Niamké Désiré has rallied a number of collaborators for the project, which comprises a solo album and book. Nicolás Jaar, Moor Mother, Angel Bat Dawid, Nyokabi Kariũki, clipping., Blackhaine are all among the contributors.

Inspired by the works of French writer Édouard Glissant, 'Rhizomes' — named after the horizontal plant stem that stretches out to produce new shoots and root systems — is out on 6th October 6th and is the culmination of "myriad of disparate, unique musical and artistic partnerships".

“The root thought is the one that kills everything around itself while the rhizome is the root that stretches out to meet other roots,” said Désiré of the project.

The album's first distortion-caked single, 'Till The Sun Down', which features clipping. and Resina, is available to listen to now. Check out the track via Bandcamp below.

This project follows Désiré's debut LP ‘Simulacrum’ (2020) and collaborative record ‘Limen’ with KMRU, released in 2022. Earlier this year, Aho Ssan was among a number of artists to remix tracks from Richie Culver's 2022 album, 'I was born by the sea'. Check out ‘Love Like An Abscess (Aho Ssan Remix)' here. 

'Rhizomes' A/V show will premiere at Berlin Atonal 2023 with visual artist Sevi Iko Dømochevsky.