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Apple says “music is about to change forever” in new teaser

A cryptic video teasing a major update was found on the tech giant’s website

Apple has made the bold statement “music is about the change forever” in a new teaser first uncovered by The cryptic message is displayed alongside a video of a spinning Apple Music logo, implying the new update will be centred around Apple’s Spatial Audio feature found in their AirPod Pros and AirPod Max headphones. 

There have also been rumours circulating around a lossless audio alternative subscription for Apple Music that would see the whole catalogue upgraded to a high-end listening experience via a ‘lossless’ and a ‘hi-res lossless’ mode. The Verge reports: “According to code in the Android app, the lossless tier will support music streaming at 24-bit/48Hz (a small step up from regular CD-quality 16-bit/44.1kHz), while the hi-res lossless tier will stream at 24-bit/192 kHz”. 

No official announcement has been scheduled but some rumours suggest an announcement could be made by Tuesday May 18th.