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Artist designs working DJ decks made entirely out of Lego

Strictly Lego house

Someone has designed a fully functioning set of DJ decks made of Lego. 

Inventor and musician Look Mum No Computer, who you may remember as the creator of the organ made of Furbies, is behind the design. Apart from circuit board and mixer, the DJ set-up is made 100% out of Lego and is, remarkably, totally operational. It even has two Lego slipmats.

In place of a belt drive, Look Mum No Computer has developed a crafty Lego cog system to spin vinyl. He even made a fully functioning tone arm.  The decks are controlled using Lego Mindstorms, which is a robotics system developed by the company. 

You can watch the artist build (and play) on the Lego set-up below.