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Ascion, D. Carbone and Shapednoise bring berserk techno to the DJ Mag Weekly Podcast

Brutal beats from the Repitch founders...

Ascion, D. Carbone and Shapednoise are the trio of experimental techno masterminds behind the equally progressive Italian outlet, Repitch Recordings.

This month their imprint dropped a new 16-track compilation — the appropriately named, ‘Dys Functional Electronic Music’ — featuring work from both established and up-and-coming artists alike.

Tectonic boss Pinch rubs shoulders with Ilian Tape heads the Zenker Brothers, techno dons Skudge sit alongside AnD, Drvg Cvltvre, Galaxian and more, and of course, the Repitch trio have their say too.

The album is a blend of hammering techno, twisted acid and coarse noise and generally broken, mind-bending dancefloor weapons. As such, we asked Ascion, D. Carbone and Shapednoise to jump behind the decks and show up their bone-rattling beats in action.

First dance music song you loved?
Ascion: “Legowelt ‘Disco Rout´”
D. Carbone: “Jeff Mills ‘The Bells'”
Shapednoise: “Aphex Twin ‘Girl/Boy Song’”

First club you went to?  
“Metropolis (Naples)”
D. Carbone: “Metropolis (Naples)”
Shapednoise: “Movida (Palermo)”

First label you loved?  
D. Carbone: “R&S”
Shapednoise: “Rephlex”

First piece of tech you bought?
“Technics SL1210-mk2”
D. Carbone: “Weed and my MacBook Pro”
Shapednoise: “Korg ms10”

First DJ you worshipped?
“Sven Väth”
D. Carbone: “Sven Väth”
Shapednoise: “Dave Clarke”

First club you played in?
“Tresor, first Ascion Live ever.”
D. Carbone: “I can not remember, but my first gig was at a small club in Marseille around 10 years ago”
Shapednoise: “The first ever official Shapednoise show was in 2011 at Arma17 in Moscow”

First wax you bought?
“I can’t remember, one of the first was for sure Surgeon’s ‘First´ on Tresor”
D. Carbone: “Jeff Mills ‘KatModa’”
Shapednoise: “Goldie ‘Inner City Life’”

First band you saw?
“LCD Soundsystem opening for Daft Punk”
D. Carbone: “Daft Punk”
Shapednoise: “Depeche Mode”

First apartment you lived in?
“Ground floor, studio flat shared with D. Carbone exactly in the center square of the city where we were studying, Urbino (Italy)”
D. Carbone: “Alongside Ascion in Urbino during university. It was a studio flat.”
Shapednoise: “The first apartment where I was living on my own was in Milan in the area of Navigli.”

First vinyl shop you loved?
D. Carbone: “Audio In” in Berlin. On my first Berlin journey I found good pieces for less money. Nowadays it's much more expensive.”
Shapednoise: “Boomkat because they were doing a personal and diverse research and I have found a lot of exciting music thanks to them.”

First car you owned?
“Smart ForFour, dark and light Grey.”
D. Carbone: “Fiat Uno (Bordeaux) that I used to steal from my mother at age of 16. I wanted to learn how to tailspin”
Shapednoise: “Red Fiat 500”

First London club you loved?
“I’ve only visited few clubs in London, mostly I ended up in warehouse parties, but one I love to play is Corsica Studios”
D. Carbone: “T-Bar”
Shapednoise: “I also haven’t visited many clubs in London, but I remember that my first show in town at Electrowerkz with Vatican Shadow was insane!”

First album you played ten times over?
“Aphex Twin ‘Selected Ambient Works 85-92’”
D. Carbone: “CJ Bolland ‘The Analogue Theatre’ — I’m still playing it”
Shapednoise: “Autechre ‎’Tri Repetae’”

First time you went to Ibiza?
“Summer 2006”
D. Carbone: “Summer 2006”
Shapednoise: “I have never been to Ibiza”