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Banksy-designed Röyksopp vinyl sells for $6962 on Discogs

And you can still grab one of your own

A Röyksopp record painted by Banksy has fetched a princely sum on Discogs. 

The Norwegian electronic duo’s 'Melody A.M.', which features a bare-bones stencil artwork, sold for a whopping $6962.

While the artwork is admittedly not all that special to look at, this particular record is incredibly rare. In 2002, Röyksopp sent the famous UK street artist 100 copies of a white label pressing of the album, and Banksy created a custom stencil design with the group’s name and a small, and presumably Norwegian, forest. 

Four copies of this rare vinyl are still available on Discogs. But if you want one, you better be ready to shell out as much as $12,000.

However, even that price doesn’t top the most expensive record ever sold on Discogs — a site that sold over 11 million records last year.