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Beatport's new web app lets you DJ and organise sets in your browser

The new web app syncs playlists with Beatport LINK across software and hardware

Beatport has launched a new web app called Beatport DJ that mimics DJ software and lets you organise playlists, discover tracks and browse the Beatport catalogue. Beatport DJ features two decks with waveform view, pitch slider, hot cues, three-band EQ and filter per channel, crossfader and cue buttons, as well as looping and sync options. There are also 10 different effects to choose from with an X/Y pad per deck. As you click through the waveform to later parts in a track, for example, all audio remains in sync. An Automix option will automatically blend a playlist, which you could use to try out different tracks’ blends or just as a listening tool in the day. 

Beneath the track view, you can browse Beatport’s whole catalogue, including their own curated playlists and create your own for purchase and download later or sync across any devices that support Beatport LINK. That means you can prepare sets, practice blends and add or amend playlists on the go and they will be ready for you when you sign into a device that supports LINK like Denon DJ SC6000 media player. Hot cues, loops and other edits don't yet sync across devices or software. Beatport DJ does support hardware MIDI controllers via web browser, but only the Pioneer DJ DDJ-200 works natively – other controls from Hercules, Pioneer DJ, Denon DJ and Numark will need to be manually MIDI mapped. 

beatport dj gui

Jonas Tempel, founder and Chief Revenue Officer of Beatport said: “We designed the software to solve the cumbersome workflow challenges of music discovery and building LINK playlists. On top of that, we know our customers need to audition the tracks to make sure the song fits in their sets. Our solution combines a host of advanced web-based technologies to give users a truly effortless experience that you would expect from dedicated desktop software." 

As it stands, users will need a Beatport LINK subscription to make the most out of Beatport DJ, which starts at $14.99 per month, and you can get a 30-day free trial. It’s a testament to the power of the modern browser but also to Beatport’s vision for LINK, as a truly cloud-based platform, accessible anywhere, from any device, be it from a cab on the way to a gig or at home during set prepping. Try out Beatport DJ for yourself here

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