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Behringer announce new analogue synth Neutron: Watch

It’s another analogue synth teaser from the German giants…

Behringer have announced a new analogue semi-modular synth called Neutron. Though details were initially scarce, a video has since surfaced showing the Neutron is full glory. Based on the clip, Neutron appears to be a semi-modular, two-oscillator synth with two ADSR envelopes, noise oscillator, LFO, overdrive and delay FX and more. The patch points include oscillator shape, control for pulse width, filter cutoff frequency and resonance, LFO shape, delay rate and more.

There’s no word on pricing or availability yet, but given Behringer’s more recent teasers over classic synth re-issues without any release date and their Model D clone taking a long time to come to market, it’s anyone’s guess as to when the Neutron will make it to the shelves. Watch the video below to hear some audio examples.