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Olivia Stock
26 January 2024, 11:12

New 37-key Akai MPC images leaked online

Photos of the new compact Akai product have surfaced on Facebook and Reddit

Leaked photo of the new 37-key Akai MPC
Source: Reddit

A new Akai MPC featuring a 37-key compact keyboard is on the way, according to recent photos leaked via an MPC Facebook group.

Images of the new MPC surfaced on the page earlier this week, featuring a glossy red finish, similar to the MPC One+. Two photos of what appears to be the new sampling keyboard were also uploaded to Reddit on 22nd January. One photograph showed a collection of boxes on a cart with ‘Akai MPC Key 37’ printed on them, while the second shows a blurry capture of the instrument itself. Both were supposedly snapped at NAMM, the annual music tech trade show currently taking place in California.

Last week, Akai Pro announced the release of new stem-separation technology, which it plans to roll out soon for the software and hardware MPCs. MPC Stems will allow users to break tracks down into their component drum, bass, vocal and lead parts, all directly within the MPC workflow. Find out more about the new technology here.

The MPC One+ landed in May 2023, hosting AIR’s Juno-60-inspired plugin, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities and increased storage. Its glossy red finish was launched to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the MPC series. Last year, Akai announced an MPC X Special Edition to mark the milestone, which it described as “the most powerful standalone music production machine ever.

The NAMM Show is taking place at the Anaheim Convention Center this weekend (25th-28th January), and a multitude of new products have been announced as a result. These include the new microKorg 2, a successor to the iconic synth of the same name, and a new portable music-making device from Yamaha, the SEQTRACK.

AlphaTheta, the new brand from AlphaTheta Corporation — the parent company of Pioneer DJ — is also announcing new products this week to coincide with the NAMM Convention. These including a new standalone, all-in-one DJ unit called the OMNIS-DUO, and a new bluetooth speaker, called the WAVE-EIGHT.

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