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Berghain on film: 16 incredible portraits of ravers leaving Berlin's techno temple

Celebrated photographer Philipp Pusch is the main behind the images…

Relive a wild night out at Berghain through this series of 16 captivating portraits, snapped outside the famous Berlin techno club by celebrated photographer Philipp Pusch.

Titled ‘fertig’, the series saw the young snapper stationed outside the nightclub for several weeks, approaching ravers for a picture as they left the venue throughout the day. 

The series became so popular Pusch released the pictures as part of a book in 2015 — you can keep up to date with his photography via his Tumblr. Prints from the collection are also available here. 

Want more Berghain action? Check out this illustrated guide on how to get past Berghain’s notoriously picky bouncers here. 

(Via iHeartBerlin