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‘Berghain-themed’ card game, Bergnein, available on pre-order

Finally get your say on who makes it into techno’s most exclusive club 

The ‘Berghain-themed’ card game, Bergnein, is set to see the light of day, with pre-orders currently being taken, although not without a serious disagreement with the legendary Berlin techno haven. 

News first hit last year about Berghain ze Game, with a Kickstarter campaign set up to help fund development. The team at the real Berghain, which is famed for its difficult to decipher door policy, didn’t take too kindly to the idea, though, mounting a challenge against the games creators, Alexander Kandiloros and Joakim Bergkvist, based on copyright issues. 

In spite of this, and the original campaign to raise funds being shut down, the concept has come to fruition, with a new name- Bergnein- used to try and appease dissenting voices. From what we know, it’s ‘a fast and fun game that mixes strategy and luck’, which sounds pretty apt considering the subject matter. 

Players take turns to be the bouncer, deciding which lucky faces make it through the hallowed entrance way and into the venue, with some cards changing the queue order to add an air of unpredictability and chance. Those looking to gain entry include a be-suited guy with snakes for hands, a horse wearing a vest, and a hipster on a bike, not to mention punks, leather-clad muscle men, and someone with a top knot sniffing their own armpit. Black is, appropriately, the most common colour.Pre-orders are now being taken via the official website. 

Berghain, and its upper level, Panorama Bar, ranked 12th in DJ Mag's Top 100 Clubs list earlier this year, up four places from its 2016 position, with countless articles written on navigating the door staff, including this 28 piece illustrated guide, which we published in April.