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Martin Guttridge-Hewitt
25 August 2022, 14:32

Berlin-based mobile record store van The Ghost has shut

After seven years of service the tracks-on-wheels service is no more, and all stock must go

The Ghost record van closes

Berlin-based mobile record store van The Ghost has closed, with the eponymous DJ duo that sold vinyl from the 1975 Mercedes 407d finding buyers for the vehicle.

Handing the beloved motor over to a couple who are planning to travel Europe, the artists that set the shop-on-wheels up, James Creed and Josh Tweek, have brought a seven year story to an end, with the operation first established in 2015. Quickly becoming a magnet for crate diggers, stock was primary focused on second-hand house, UK garage, and techno. 

"It might seem sad but we're honestly quite relieved — we were too busy to put the time and love into the shop like we used to. We opened a handful of times in the last year—a waste of a vintage bus and thousands of tunes that could be getting spun," The Ghost said in a post to Instagram. "A huge thanks to every single customer that visited and supported us over the years. We salute you 1975 Mercedes 407d. It was a pleasure to own you from 2015 til 2022. Good luck on your next adventure!" 

Following the news, a subsequent announcement was made that some 6,400 pieces of vinyl are now up for sale — 3,500 tech, minimal, and breakbeat, 1,900 house, garage and future jazz, 900 techno and acid, and 100 hip hop and downbeat releases. Sadly for those not based in the German capital, it's pickup and cash purchases only, and each collection is available only in its entirely, rather than on a release-by-release basis. 

In June, new fees for mailing vinyl from Germany, proposed by shipping and logistics giant DHL, made headlines due to the potential impact on independent shops and Discogs sellers.