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Christian Eede
5 October 2022, 13:38

Call Super releases new EP, 'Swallow Me': Listen

The two-tracker takes cues from opera and the diaries of American author Samuel R. Delaney

Call Super releases new EP, 'Swallow Me': Listen

Call Super has released a new two-track EP, 'Swallow Me'. Listen to both tracks below. 

Out today (5th October) through can you feel the sun, the label they run with Parris, the new record is comprised of 'Swallow Me' and 'I Love Like Your Men'. A video for the title track, which you can watch below, has also been released.

The first of the two tracks includes samples from a 2019 performance in New York by the US opera singer Kamala Sankaram. Having begun to splice recordings of her performances into their DJ sets in recent years, Call Super decided to sample a vocal in which Sankaram replicates the Ancient Greek ololyga, a ritual shriek of women.

'I Love Like Your Men' is billed as a tribute to the undated diaries of US author Samuel R. Delaney, which Call Super described in a statement as "slices of time that cut themselves holes into other times and other places".

Speaking further about the record, the Berlin-based DJ and producer, real name Joseph Richmond-Seaton, said: "When we are young we show our love by emulating those we love. Tributes, respect, adoration, getting lost in things. Trying to become a person we wish to be. Hold that process and don't be afraid to let it always hold you too."

You can watch a video for 'Swallow Me', and find the full EP, below.

'Swallow Me' follows on from last year's double EP, 'Cherry Drops', which also came out on can you feel the sun.

Photo credit: Kasia Zacharko