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Eoin Murray
14 September 2023, 12:05

Call Super announces new album, ‘Eulo Cramps’

Listen to the new single, ‘Goldwood’, featuring Elke Wardlaw now

Call Super posing in glasses and a yellow ruffed top against a blue background
Credit: Melanie Lehmann

Call Super will release their fourth album, ‘Eulo Cramps’, next month. Listen to the new single, ‘Goldwood’, featuring Elke Wardlaw below. 

Set for release via can you feel the sun, the label they run with Parris, on 6th October, ‘Eulo Cramps’ includes two recently released singles, ‘Illumina’ with Julia Holter and ‘Sapling’ with Eden Samara. 

The album forms part of a wider body of work, titled Tell Me I Didn’t Choose This, which also includes paintings, poems and auto-biographical writings. The project will be exhibited in St Mary’s Church, Belgravia from 27th November to 1st December. 

The nine-tracks on ‘Eulo Cramps’ expand on the abstract electronic palette that Call Super has developed over their previous albums, released via fabric’s Houndstooth label and New York’s Incienso. In contrast to their DJ sets and club-focused EPs, ‘Eulo Cramps’ incorporates elements of free jazz, avant-garde pop and salsa into its electronic framework, alongside their own sung and spoken lyrics and, for the first time, guest vocalists. The album, like much of their previous work, also features Call Super’s dad, David Seaton, on clarinet and saxophone. 

Elke Wardlaw, Call Super’s studio neighbour in Berlin for the past 10 years, recites a poem on the fluttering ‘Goldwood’, which ties together the album’s recurring use of imagery relating to light and trees to explore the notion of “slaying the memories of people from your past in order to move on, transforming into a version of the self waiting in the future.”

‘Eulo Cramps’ is described as being “a channel where the producer-artist exorcised trauma and epiphanies around their own coming-of-age story. The album began as a way to understand themselves and their past; the intricacies of their personal suffering and their relationship with their body.”

Call Super is DJ Mag's September 2023 cover star. Read the cover interview, in which they discuss the the journey of personal introspection that led to the creation of ‘Eulo Cramps’, the importance of leaving things open to interpretation, and the multitude of selves within us all, here

‘Eulo Cramps’ will be released on 6th October digitally and on vinyl. Pre-order it here, and listen to  ‘Goldwood’, featuring Elke Wardlaw below.