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The Chemical Brothers share behind the scenes footage from 'We’ve Got To Try’ video: WATCH

The dog in the clip also once flew a plane, apparently... 

The Chemical Brothers have shared behind the scenes footage revealing how the video to their track 'We've Got To Try' was made. 

Taken from their latest (and highly acclaimed) album, 'No Geography', the original video is typically standout stuff from the duo. And by that we mean a dog driving an F1 car, a situation dreamt up by director Ninian Doff. 

Taking fans onto the other side of the camera, new footage has now been unveiled revealing the details of what went into producing the promo clip, while revealing how said K-9 came from a rescue centre and has, in the past, flown an aeroplane. 

Intrigued? Check out what we're talking about below, along with the original video for 'We've Got To Try', which is currently soundtracking the new Formula 1 season and received its own 15,000BPM remix last month. Once you're done, read our review of the 'No Geography' album and then reflect on the impact of their classic LP, 'Dig Your Own Hole'