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Coaching service for people with ADHD working in the music industry launches

The service includes confidential online sessions and a guide to peer-reviewed tools

Coaching service for people with ADHD working in the music industry launches

A coaching service for people in the music industry who have ADHD has been set up by a former manager at the Association for Electronic Music.

Tristan Hunt – who himself has ADHD, dyslexia, and dyscalculia – has launched the service in response to increasing conversations around neurodiversity within the music industry. It sees him offer confidential online sessions, as well as a guide to peer-reviewed tools and strategies which are designed to help people with ADHD understand and manager their condition more easily.

Speaking about why he's launched the service, Hunt said: "I spent most of my twenty-year music industry career not knowing I had ADHD. So I know first-hand the struggles that artists and my industry colleagues face when working in the music business with the condition – both pre and post-ADHD diagnosis. People with ADHD are often especially bright, yet there can be a great disconnect between their often huge accomplishments and shortcomings in their everyday life."

"Maybe they travel the world playing sell-out shows, or close multi-million-pound deals overseas. Then return home to a confused partner who struggles to understand how they can accomplish these big tasks, yet fail to do 'simpler' things, like paying their bills on time, remembering family appointments, or not sending out the invoices which get them paid.

"Helping these people – my fellow ADHD’ers – move past the shame that those disconnects can cause and helping them learn how to thrive with their incredible ADHD brain is hugely rewarding for me."

Before launching the service, Hunt held down the role of Regional Manager at the Association for Electronic Music for four years. He has previous experience of working as a mentor with Help Musicians UK.

For more information, you can contact Hunt via the email address [email protected] and visit his dedicated website.

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