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CTM 2020 locks AYA (fka LOFT), Giant Swan, VTSS, more, in first line-up announcement

Aquarian, Henry Wu and Robert Henke join for the multi-venue Berlin festival

CTM 2020 has locked AYA (fka LOFT, alumni of this year's NTS Work In Progress, which is taking applications for its next intake), Giant Swan — whose debut album is about to drop— and VTSS in the first wave of names set to play the event's 21st edition. 

Spread across a number of Berlin's prized clubs and music spaces from 24th January to 2nd February 2020, this instalment is focused on the theme of 'Liminal'. For those unsure as to what that means, here's what the festival has to say: 

"Liminality characterises spiritual practices, social rituals, and other transformative experiences. In music, boundary-disturbing experiences and acts of transgression are perpetually negotiated and re-negotiated, be it through the lifestyles and identities associated with music cultures, in practices of intoxication and of altered states closely associated with music, its transcultural hybridity and digital fluidity, or in the multisensory experience of sound itself."

Aquarian, Henry Wu and alter-ego Kamaal Williams, Deathprod, and Robert Henke are also down for performances. Venues this time round include Radialsystem V and new underground haunt Betonhalle— neither of which have been part of the event before. Berghain, HAU Hebbel am Ufer and Kunstquartier Bethanien are among the returning favourites. 

Early-bird tickets are now on sale from the official website