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Cult '90s film Blade has been rescored with a gabber soundtrack

The ‘Kilbourne Plays Blade’ live experience is going on tour...

Cult vampire killing classic, Blade (1998) has been given a gabber soundtrack.

The film – which features the iconic "blood rave" scene – has been fully rescored by hardcore-influenced New York producer Ashe Kibourne, who has given the Wesley Snipes-starring classic a new, gabber-sounding lease of life.

A brand new screening meets concert experience, ‘Kilbourne Plays Blade’, will see the producer/DJ performing the live ambient and gabber score while the movie plays.

The next edition of this special event will be held in Vooruit in Ghent, Belgium, where Kilbourne will deliver a Q&A before the music begins.

Watch the (predictably blood-filled) trailer below.


Tickets to the Belgium show can be found here.