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Daft Punk are planning a "major" 2017 tour, says production team source

The news has surfaced via Playboy Magazine...

An anonymous source on Daft Punk’s production team has confirmed the duo are planning a "major" 2017 tour, Playboy reports.

The famous men’s magazine revealed the news via a story relating to Beyonce’s cancelled Coachella performance, before also tipping Daft Punk as a potential replacement for the former Destiny's Child singer.

On the alleged tour, Playboy writes: “An anonymous source working on Daft Punk’s production has confirmed to Playboy that the Robots are planning a major—and we do mean major—tour this spring.”

It’s been a massive year for Daft Punk so far with the launch of their LA-based pop-up shop, Daft Punk-themed Snapchat filters, and a (slightly underwhelming) Grammys performance, alongside incessant rumours that a 2017 tour and potential new album are in the works.

Since the time of Playboy’s publishing, Lady Gaga has been confirmed as Beyonce’s replacement for this year’s Coachella festival.