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Daft Punk asked George Michael to collaborate on 2005 album, 'Human After All'

And 'Freeek!" wasn't produced by the French electronic duo... 

Daft Punk asked George Michael to collaborate on the French electronic duo's 2005 album, 'Human After All'. 

'Robot Rock' was one of a number of demos sent to Michael by Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter. According to his co-writer and producer, James Jackman, the pop icon, who died on Christmas Day 2016, joined the pair in Paris, but apparently spent the recording sessions "sat on a beanbag in Guy-Manuel's flat, eating M&Ms", according to an interview with Classic Pop

The article goes on to reveal that, contrary to fan speculation, Michael's 2004 hit 'Freeek!' was not produced by Daft Punk under the alias The Moogymen, who are credited in sleeve notes, although the track does bare similarities to the duo's trademark sound. 

Daft Punk's LP, 'Random Access Memories', just featured in Billboard's Top 5 Electronic Albums of the last decade, along with Discogs' best selling albums of the last ten years, beating David Bowie's final record, 'Blackstar', to the accolade. Read our in-depth feature on how George Michael influenced club culture