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April Clare Welsh
13 April 2022, 17:13

Daft Punk launch new website with "archives loading"

What are they up to?

Daft Punk launch new website with "archives loading"

Daft Punk have launched a mysterious new website emblazoned with the words "archives loading".

The site, which is also embedded with a loading bar, features links to the duo's social channels as well as the option to input your email address.

No further information is available as of yet, but the Parisian pair are set to release reissues of their 1997 debut, ‘Homework’, and live album, ‘Alive 1997’ on 15th April.

Daft Punk's last album, 'Random Access Memories', came in 2013 and the pair have not released any new music since then.

Back in January, rumours began flying around on Reddit that the duo would be performing at the 2022 Super Bowl.

Earlier this week, Nile Rodgers featured in a video recalling his Daft Punk introduction story, and the recording process behind ‘Get Lucky'.

Speaking to Fender, the Chic legend remembered meeting the Parisian duo at the New York listening party for their now-classic 2001 album 'Discovery'shortly after his bandmate Bernard Edwards had passed away.

Read this insider's guide to Daft Punk’s ‘Homework’ at 25, featuring Neil Landstrumm, DJ Deeon and some unearthed stories.