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Daft Punk tribute act to recreate 2007 Alive tour with full-size Pyramid replica

Catch ‘em in Dublin on 20th October...

Daft Punk tribute band Daft as Punk is fabricating a full-size replica of the iconic Pyramid Stage for an upcoming recreation of the Grammy-winning 2007 Alive tour.

The Irish duo have been spinning from behind the masks for seven years and are now attempting the largest tribute to date, also besting the feats of Stateside tribute act One More Time.

The performance is set to take place 20th October at Dublin’s The Button Factory. Doors open at midnight.

According to the pair, “this is costing us an arm and a fu!kin’ leg but it is going to be a legendary gig for years to come.”  So, if fans would like to see future recreations, convince your crew to grab €30 tickets now.

While the pair has added their French touch to a few singles in 2017, further details on a “major” 2017 tour have yet to materialize.

In anticipation, relive one of the seminal duo’s 2007 live sets below.