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Brian Coney
3 October 2023, 13:29

Danny Tenaglia is auctioning off his record collection, DJ gear and studio equipment

The huge auction comes as the 62-year-old continues treatment for colon cancer

Danny Tenaglia wearing a white baseball cap

Danny Tenaglia is auctioning off his record collection, DJ gear and studio equipment.

Three months on from revealing that he is undergoing treatment for cancer, the legendary New York DJ posted a video and statement on Instagram on 2nd October to announce that he has teamed up with auction house Amplifyd to auction off his sizable collection of records, production equipment, DJ gear and memorabilia:

"It’s been an incredible journey to have all of this in my possession for decades, and I honestly have been thinking for quite some time now that these items (and eventually the record collection too) might be better served in the hands of others who will continue to love and appreciate them just as much as I have. I feel that now is the time to share all of this with music lovers from all around the world."

The 62-year-old added: "What would make me the most happy is if this massive record collection and various pieces of studio gear and DJ equipment can find a new loving home where they will continue to be appreciated and used. For the many of you who have asked and showed interest in purchasing some of this equipment, this is the opportunity to make it yours."

Touching on his cancer treatment, Tenaglia said: "As many of you know I’ve had a rough year when I was diagnosed with colon cancer back in May and had to endure 6 weeks of radiation and chemotherapy treatments. Naturally, it brought my mind to all sorts of places, but the good news (so far) is that I handled it amazingly well."

"I was blessed with not having to deal with so many of the common side effects that often come with these combined treatments," he added. "I also want to thank everyone for the outpouring of love, concern and prayers. It really means more than you might know, so I just wanted to say how grateful I am to everyone."

Check out Tenaglia's full video and statement below. Bid on 'The Danny Tenaglia Collection' via Amplifyd here.

In July, Tenaglia posted a video to social media in which he spoke about receiving a diagnosis for cancer following a routine colonoscopy in May. In the clip he discussed receiving daily radiotherapy for six weeks, but said he felt "great" and believes doctors caught the disease in time.

In his new Instagram post, Tenaglia added: "I will be going for all new kinds of test in December to see where I stand with this situation, but I do feel extremely well and confident that I have beaten this. I will update everyone when the time comes."

Last year, Tenaglia won the Outstanding Contribution award at the DJ Mag Best of North America Awards in New York.