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Christian Eede
1 March 2022, 19:16

Dave pays tribute to Jamal Edwards during 02 Arena show: Watch

"He gave me an opportunity when no-one would," the rapper said of the SBTV founder at his show last night

Dave pays tribute to Jamal Edwards during 02 Arena show

Dave has paid tribute to the late SBTV founder Jamal Edwards at the first of his two gigs at London's O2 Arena.

Speaking to fans at the show last night (28th February), Dave said: "Jamal Edwards is the reason I'm standing in front of you guys here today. There's so many different emotions that all of us feel – all of us that were so connected to him in so many different ways.

"We all have a different experience to him, but we all have so many things in common with the experience. And he's one person in the world that just wanted to help, that just wanted to see every single person that he touched shine."

Dave is one of many artists that Edwards supported through SBTV and his other ventures. He passed away suddenly last month, aged 31. No cause of death was given, with his mother, Brenda Edwards, referring to a "sudden illness".

At the O2 show last night, Dave went on to reflect on his first meeting with Jamal Edwards, which happened while the former was a student at the Richmond upon Thames College in Twickenham. "He gave me an opportunity when no-one would," Dave said, telling fans that Edwards helped to bankroll early music videos and other projects "out of the love and kindness of his heart".

He added: "Every single thing that I have today – we have today – we owe to Jamal Edwards. I want to say I'm so, so, so grateful for you, brother. Jamal, I love you, I love you, I love you."

The moment was caught on video, which you can see below.