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Deadmau5 announces brand new Cube live show

The box is back, only better...

Deadmau5, who earlier this week previewed his new orchestral project, has just revealed a little more about the brand new live show we announced in December, which could take his trademark Cube performance showpiece to a whole new level. 

The Canadian electronic producer, AKA Joel Zimmerman, is a well-known tech boffin, and has been upgrading his bespoke stage setup consistently over the last few years, unveiling a complete overhaul in the form of Cube 2.0 in 2016, at which point it took on the form of a monolithic 19-foot tall DJ booth plucked straight from science fiction. Weighing in at 10,500lbs, a multitude of moving parts could rotate to create a variety of shapes, with 3D graphics adding to the other-dimensional aesthetics. 

Cube 2.1 and then Cube 2.2 followed, but now the man in the mouse head has thrown a spanner in the works for fans of numerical order, announcing the latest incarnation goes by the name 'Other Cube'. A typically dry label for a guy whose LPs include 'Random Album Title', 'For Lack Of A Better Name', and 'Album Title Goes Here', details on the ground are scarce right now as to what we can expect, but if the following tweet is much to go by we should be finding out pretty soon.