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Denon DJ add Beatport LINK and SoundCloud streaming to their PRIME players

They're the first hardware DJ players with Beatport streaming capabilities

Denon DJ has added Beatport LINK and SoundCloud GO+ to its Engine OS v1.5 update, the operating system behind its PRIME players and other DJing hardware and apps. The update adds Beatport LINK and SoundCloud GO+ streaming to multiple Denon DJ devices including SC5000 and 6000 players, the PRIME Go and PRIME 2 and 4 all-in-one units. 

For SoundCloud Go+ subscribers, you can stream SoundCloud's 200 million+ tracks directly into the Denon hardware, accessing your own playlists and favourite tracks from the devices. SoundCloud Go+ offers both regular (128kb/s MP3) and high quality (256kb/s AAC) playback options. Any cue points, loop points, key and bpm analysis for tracks that are loaded from the cloud are then saved to the devices hard drive for instant recall when you load that track again. 

Beatport LINK offers the same streaming quality and shows the key and bpm information before it has been analysed by the player for quicker loading and mixing. It also gives users direct access to its genre and overall top 100 charts directly from hardware DJ devices. Denon DJ has also added improved and faster BPM analysis onboard the units, so there's no need to analyse files in advance. 

Engine OS v1.5 is available now and is free for all users. Download it here. Read more about Denon DJ's SC6000 player and Prime GO units