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DJ Craze: ‘I don’t understand why DJs don’t use sync’

The former DMC World Champion says DJs should embrace the technology in order to push their craft further...

Three-time DMC World Champion DJ Craze has waded into the battle surrounding CDJ technology and specifically the use of the sync button.

Use of the function has been an oft-debated matter in the world of dance music leading to a heavy stigma around it. DJ Craze, though, isn't quite sure why people are so adverse to using it.

Speaking recently via Twitter, he said: "I STILL don’t understand why djs don’t use sync... it’s 2019!!!!... I’m talking about my boys too so no shade... again... it’s 2019!!!! Please... Sync is your friend... embrace him."

He continued: "Gives you freedom to do more creative stuff... or i just read the bpms... or read the wavs... i just don’t get the headphones and moving the pitch thing... and of course I’m an older Dj so I did all of that just seems like an obstacle now... embrace technology."

We're sure this isn't the end of this debate dominating discussions within dance music, but with a DMC World Champion like DJ Craze suggesting using the sync button isn't so bad, perhaps some people will ease off on their disagreement with its use.

Watch DJ Craze demonstrating some of his skills on a special hip-hop and trap set from DJ Mag HQ here.

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