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Martin Guttridge-Hewitt
30 November 2023, 13:34

Eli Escobar to open new Brooklyn club, Gabriela, next month

Vintage audio equipment designed by Gary Stewart and Richard Long will feature at the Williamsburg space

Eli Escobar Gabriela launch

Longstanding New York DJ Eli Escobar is launching a new venue in Brooklyn next month. Gabriela will officially open at the site of former Williamsburg club Kinfolk 90 on 15th December 2023 with Escobar and Luke Solomon DJing the opening weekend. 

After that date, the address will operate Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights from 10PM to 4AM. Dee Diggs, Kim Anh, LADYMONIX, Cosmo and Justin Strauss are set to play in the first few months. 

Split into three rooms — a bar with food and drinks, a dancefloor and balcony  — Gabriela's audio rig includes speakers developed by Gary Stewart. His previous systems featured in NYC clubs including Love and Vinyl.

A vintage RLA  X3000 crossover also appears. Developed by Richard Long, the celebrated sound designer was responsible for kitting out the likes of Studio 54, Paradise Garage and Zanzibar. 

"We want to encourage and foster creative freedom for any DJ who plays here," Escobar told Resident Advisor. "There's a huge swathe of DJs who are being overlooked and not given their space and time to play extended sets."

"The focus won't be on ticket sales and long lineups," he continued. "We're gonna do our best to create a reputation for the spot that stands alone, to take the promo pressure off DJs so they can do their thing... There hasn't been a new place in Williamsburg with great sound and an imitate dance floor in a while, so I'm hoping we can fill a hole there." 

Escobar has three partners in the project, including long-time friend and Cafe Mogador boss Rafael Ohayon. His cousins, Justin Ahiyon and Ilan Telmont, two names behind nightlife institution House of Yes, are also involved. 

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Via Resident Advisor