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Eliza Rose celebrates Hackney’s LGBTQ+ performance art community in new music video, ‘B.O.T.A.’: Watch

The video is directed by Faboo TV founder Jeanie Crystal

Eliza Rose

Eliza Rose celebrates Hackney’s LGBTQ+ performance art community in her new music video, ‘B.O.T.A.' ('Baddest of Them All').

The magical, Lewis Caroll-inspired video "crosses sexuality, gender, joy, surrealism, weirdness, humor, and a touch of sinister," and sees Eliza Rose lured into a fantastical underground club world where she meets drag icon Ms Sharon Le Grand, Vogue Ball founder Taboo, and other nightlife personalities.

Directed by Faboo TV founder Jeanie Crystal, the video was filmed out on the streets of Hackney, as well as at local landmarks Dalston Superstore and The Karaoke Hole. The track was produced by Interplanetary Criminal. Watch the video below

"This community in Hackney means so much to me, and collaboration is what’s given me purpose, community, joy, and so much art," said Eliza Rose. "It’s hard for working-class Black women and marginalised people to break through, so we have to support each other's art, and lift each other up, or it becomes impossible. Showing these worlds on screen is also integral to the development of open mindsets, and showing young people that there are different ways of living out here!”

Eliza Rose, who has previously collaborated with Angel D'Lite, M4A and Cody Currie, recently dropped her debut solo production, 'Move To The', via her own Rosebud Recordings label.